Ever Red Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum ‘Ever Red’

2 Reviews

Ever Red Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum ‘Ever Red’

2 Reviews

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How are the heights measured?

All tree, and nothin' but the tree! We measure from the top of the soil to the top of the tree; the height of the container or the root system is never included in our measurements.

What is a gallon container?

Nursery containers come in a variety of different sizes, and old-school nursery slang has stuck. While the industry-standard terminology is to call the sizes "Gallon Containers", that doesn't exactly translate to the traditional liquid "gallon" size we think of. You'll find we carry young 1-gallons, up to more mature 7-gallons ranging anywhere from 6 inches to 6ft.

How does the delivery process work?

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Why are some states excluded from shipping?

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About Me


The Ever Red Japanese Maple is the perfect small tree for any garden. If you only have a courtyard, or even just a terrace, it will thrive in a large container too, bringing a touch of nature to an urban space. This tree has beautiful, finely-divided leaves that are a strong red color from spring to summer and then turn dazzling crimson in fall. The tree itself is upright, reaching 10 feet and in time as much as 15 feet in height, with a similar spread, but the side branches are slightly weeping and pendulous, so the tree has a delicate beauty, like something out of a Japanese wood-cut. It will really stand out in an Asian-themed garden, but also fit beautifully into a wooded garden beneath large trees or in fact into any garden at all.

  • Perfect small tree for the smaller garden
  • Thrives in partial-shade beneath taller trees
  • Beautiful finely-divided leaves
  • Graceful, semi-pendulous habit
  • Rich red color from spring to summer, then crimson in fall

This tree will grow best with morning sun and afternoon shade and it can be planted into any kind of soil, as long as it is neither very wet nor very dry. The Ever Red Japanese Maple has no significant pests or diseases and needs no special care or pruning to develop into a gorgeous center-piece in any garden. For a tree you will look on every day with pleasure and pride, this is the tree to choose.

Plant Hardiness Zones 5-8
Mature Width 10-15
Mature Height 10-15
Sun Needs Full Sun, Partial Sun
Zones 5-8

Many people think of Japanese Maples as tiny trees that are hard to grow, but that is not true. Not only are they usually easy to grow, given a few basic conditions, but many are larger and faster growing, so they make ideal choices for a small tree to grace a courtyard, grow in a small lawn area, or bring life and color beneath large, mature trees. The Ever Red Japanese Maple is firmly in that category, and it makes the perfect smaller tree for many different locations. Even if you don’t have a garden at all, this tree is ideal for growing in a large pot, where it will bring color and beauty to a terrace or balcony, adding height above pots of flowering plants.

Growing Ever Red Japanese Maple Trees

Although it grows up into a tree that is 10 or even 15 feet tall, it has a unique pendulous habit that means the smaller branches hang gracefully down, clothed with delicate leaves, each one finely divided into 7 narrow lobes. From spring to fall the leaves are a wonderful rich red color, a color that is always desirable and appealing. The combination of upright growth and pendulous habit makes this tree special and very different from other red-leaf Japanese Maples, giving it a unique ‘soft’ charm that fits perfectly into any garden space.

The foliage of your Ever Red Japanese Maple is very finely divided, giving the tree a light and airy appearance. Each leaf has 7 long, thin lobes, and each lobe is further divided with many tiny side lobes, looking a little like a fern. In spring the new leaves are covered in silver hairs, making the plant appear silvery. As the leaf expands it turns a beautiful rich, deep red. During summer the vein down each lobe may turn greenish, adding new charm to your tree. Then in fall the leaves turn brilliant scarlet, setting your tree on fire before it goes to sleep for the winter.

Planting Location

Japanese Maples are very versatile trees and although they certainly fit perfectly into a Japanese or Asian-themed garden space, they also fit well into a woodland garden, a more formal garden, or indeed, into any garden at all. The ideal location for your Ever Red Japanese Maple will have sunlight in the morning hours during the growing season, but will be shaded in the afternoon from the hot sun. Too much sun can cause the red color to fade a little during the summer, so keep your tree protected from that hot sun, especially during the summer months. Some sun in the early part of the day will keep the color strong and also give vigor and health to your tree.


Since the Ever Red Japanese Maple will easily survive winter temperatures of minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and also grow well into the hot summers of zone 8, it can be grown across most of the country. The cooler your area, the more sun your tree will enjoy, but shade is important in hot areas, as is water during the summer months.

Soil Conditions

As for soil conditions, Japanese Maples are really very tolerant of most soils, but it always pays to enrich the soil with plenty of organic material, like compost, rotted-leaves or rotted manure. Mulch the soil around the root-zone with the same material, but keep it a few inches away from the trunk of your tree. Add a new layer a few inches thick each spring, to keep the ground moist and to feed your tree. Although the Ever Red Japanese Maple is not too concerned with the exact type of soil, it does not like to be in soil that is always wet, or in soil that is often dry. Although a well-established plant will tolerate a little drought, it is best to provide a regular supply of water if you can.

Buying Ever Red Japanese Maples at The Tree Center

With so many different varieties of Japanese Maples, it is very important that they are produced correctly to ensure they have all the special characteristics of the particular variety. Our Ever Red Japanese Maples are grown the correct way, by grafting stem pieces onto roots grown from seedling trees. This process takes a lot of skill and time for the trees to grow, but it is the only way to be sure the tree will have the right features. Beware of cheap seedling trees that will certainly lack the special features of this tree and will not be the spectacular plant you are expecting.

Here at the Tree Center we pride ourselves on our extensive collection of Japanese Maples, and the Ever Red Japanese Maple is one of our favorites. However, many other people feel the same way, so out supplies can be limited. To be sure you have this lovely tree to grace your garden, order now and avoid disappointment.

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Ever Red Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum ‘Ever Red’

2 Reviews