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Zones 3-9
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Zones 3-9

Princeton Elm Tree

Ulmus americana ‘Princeton’

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Princeton Elm Tree

Ulmus americana ‘Princeton’

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Botanical Name

Ulmus americana ‘Princeton’

Outdoor Growing zone


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Full Sun

The Princeton Elm Tree is a disease-resistant form of the famous American Elm, that used to grace so many towns and cities with cathedral-like avenues of street trees. Although they are gone, the victims of Dutch Elm Disease, you can still grow a beautiful elm tree or avenue in your own garden, with the Princeton Elm Tree. Originally selected for its beautiful foliage, symmetrical arching crown, and overall quality, this tree is today right in the top group of varieties most likely to continue to resist disease, and become outstanding specimens, living for many, many years in good health.

  • Highly resistant to Dutch Elm Disease
  • Classic American Elm arching crown
  • Rich deep green leaves with good yellow fall color
  • Perfect for shade or avenue trees
  • Grows well in a wide range of conditions

The Princeton Elm Tree is incredibly hardy, handling both the extreme cold of zone 3 and the heat and dryness of zone 9, and everything in between. It will grow in almost all soils, from wet to dry, acidic to alkaline, and sand to clay. It tolerates harsh urban conditions too, and it grows as much as 5 feet a year when young. Although disease is always a risk, for every variety of American elm that is available, this variety has shown a better than 90% survival rate in trials, so it has an excellent chance of surviving for you.

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