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Zones 6-10
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Zones 6-10

Princess Zoey™ Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia hybrid `GA 0702’

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Princess Zoey™ Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia hybrid `GA 0702’

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Botanical Name

Lagerstroemia hybrid `GA 0702’

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


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Sun needs

Full Sun

Princess Zoey Crape Myrtle is an adorable little charmer, growing 4 or 5 feet tall and fitting perfectly into any garden. The unique flower heads carry vibrant cherry-red flowers, but they are studded with brilliant lipstick pink blooms as well – a fabulous effect. The dark green leaves turn strong purple-reds in fall, and the multi-colored bark gives a fascinating winter effect. It blooms from mid-June all through September – 90 days of unbeatable color that will bring your garden beds to life. It’s also a fabulous choice for planter boxes and pots – turn your patio into a party palace.

  • Bi-color flower heads of cherry red and lipstick pink
  • Blooms from mid-summer into fall
  • Powerful fall foliage of purple-red
  • Bushy, compact form for beds and planters
  • Thrives in sun, heat and drought tolerant too

Plant your Princess Zoey Crape Myrtle is full sun – even a little shade reduces flowering. Grow it in any well-drained soil, even poor, dry soils and in urban gardens. Avoid wet ground, and once plants are established they are very drought resistant. Pests, diseases and deer rarely cause any problems, and a simple spring trim and deadheading the first crop of blooms is all it takes to enjoy an endless display of vibrant color all through your garden.