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Zones 5-8
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Zones 5-8

Pineapple Pear Tree

Pyrus communis x pyrifolia 'Pineapple'

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Pineapple Pear Tree

Pyrus communis x pyrifolia 'Pineapple'

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Pyrus communis x pyrifolia 'Pineapple'

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The Pineapple Pear Tree is a unique heirloom pear that probably originated in Japan. It combines the qualities of European and Asian pears, with a crunchy texture and a sweet, delicious tropical flavor, like pineapple. It grows vigorously into a 20-foot tall long-lived tree that bears fruit within just a few years. It is self-fertile and carries a heavy crop even when grown by itself, so it is ideal for a smaller garden. The fruit ripens by August, and the large pears have yellow skin with a red blush. They store well and they are ideal for both eating fresh, baking and preserves.

  • Unique heirloom pear tree
  • Crunchy texture and pineapple flavors
  • Highly resistant to fire blight disease
  • Self-fertile, and also pollinates other pear varieties
  • Needs very little winter chilling, so ideal for the South

Grow the Pineapple Pear Tree in full sun, in sandy, well-drained soil enriched with compost. It will grow well in clay soil too, especially in warmer zones. This tree is hardy from zone 5 and grows especially well in the South, because it needs only 150 chilling hours to mature the flower buds, far less than other pears do. It is highly resistant to fire blight disease. It will pollinate most pear varieties, giving your other trees bumper crops, and also bear ever more fruit itself when grown with a different variety.

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