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Zones 4-8
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Zones 4-8

Pimoko Spruce Tree Form

Picea omorika ‘Pimoko’

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Pimoko Spruce Tree Form

Picea omorika ‘Pimoko’

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Botanical Name

Picea omorika ‘Pimoko’

Outdoor Growing zone


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Sun needs

Full Sun

The Pimoko Spruce Tree is a charming miniature tree that forms a broad globe on a sturdy trunk. It makes a wonderful vertical accent and a gift of this tree is a great way to help someone improve the layout of their garden immediately – with a tree that needs no special care and will grow happily in a wide variety of conditions. The foliage has a unique silver back that makes this tree sparkle in the light and be a real eye-catcher. The fresh, light-green spring shoots really start the season with a smile. Forming a rounded globe on a trunk, and maturing to 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide, this tree is just perfect for a smaller garden, and leaves room around its base for planting, taking up no horizontal room at all at ground-level. It also makes a great specimen for a planter box or container and is perfect as a pair to give any front-door a real presence.

  • Eye-catching rounded form on a sturdy trunk
  • Sparkles with silver and blue-green foliage
  • Grows in any sunny spot in any soil
  • Great trouble-free evergreen and a stunning accent plant
  • Needs no trimming to always be neat and beautiful

All the Pimoko Spruce Tree asks is a sunny spot in any kind of soil that is not constantly wet, some water during dry spells, and it will become a great rounded accent that is always neat and tidy without any trimming needed at all. This dwarf plant will be a long-lived addition to anyone’s garden and makes a great gift that shows you care about beauty and the receiver’s available time to work in the garden.