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Zones 5-10
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Zones 5-10

Petite Knock Out® Rose

Rosa ‘Meibenbino’ (PP# 30,811)

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Petite Knock Out® Rose

Rosa ‘Meibenbino’ (PP# 30,811)

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The Petite Knock Out® Rose is the first miniature rose in the Knock Out range – and what a rose it is. 1½ inch bright red roses cover it from early summer into fall, more or less continuously, and they stand out against the healthy, dark-green and lush foliage of this 18-inch bush. It’s the perfect choice for the front of your beds and ideal for planter boxes and pots. Imagine a pair on either side of your door, or on a table on your terrace or balcony – simply fantastic.

  • Perfect miniature double roses of the richest red
  • Continuous blooming from early summer into fall
  • compact bush with dense, glossy foliage
  • Resistant to Black Spot
  • Perfect for beds and containers too

Plant in full sun for the best results from your Petite Knock Out® Rose. It is hardy in zone 5 without winter protection, and grows vigorously in all well-drained soils, including clays and heavy loams, which suit roses well. Enrich sandy soils with plenty of organic material, and water regularly through summer. Fertilizer as needed, especially when growing in pots. This bush is resistant to Black Spot, and very easy to grow.

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