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Zones 5-9
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Zones 5-9

Niagara Grape

Vitis 'Niagara'

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Niagara Grape

Vitis 'Niagara'

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Botanical Name

Vitis 'Niagara'

Outdoor Growing zone


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Full Sun

The Niagara Grape is a hardy, white-skinned grape that grows well in cooler regions where other grape varieties will not grow. It. This hardy variety produces a large crop of golden yellow grapes, that can be eaten fresh, used for jelly-making or used to make your own wine. It grows well even in zone 5, but it can also be grown all across the country. Bred from native species, it is much tougher and easier to grow than fussy French varieties, and it will grow in any kind of well-drained soil. The beautiful foliage makes it attractive in any season, and it is the perfect way to cover an ugly fence, or make a low divide between one part of the garden and another.

  • Ideal choice for cold areas – the hardiest grape
  • Bumper crop of golden grapes for eating, jelly or wine
  • Easily grown on a fence, arbor or on wires
  • Derived from hardy American grape species
  • Trouble-free and easy to grow

Plant the Niagara Grape in a sunny spot, on a fence or on stretched wires. It will cover a trellis or turn a hot arbor into a shady refuge. It grows well in all kinds of soil, even stony soils, as long as they are well-drained. It can even be allowed to grow up into an old tree, turning an eye-sore into a thing of beauty. It is rarely bothered by pests or diseases, and needs just some basic pruning to encourage the biggest crop of grapes.

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