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Zones 4-9

Kieffer Pear Tree

Pyrus hybrid 'Kieffer'

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Kieffer Pear Tree

Pyrus hybrid 'Kieffer'

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Botanical Name

Pyrus hybrid 'Kieffer'

Outdoor Growing zone


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Full Sun

The Kieffer Pear Tree is the ideal pear for anywhere in the country. It is hardy everywhere except for the extreme northern areas of the mid-west. It is self-pollinating so it does not need another variety of pear tree to set a good crop. It is an easy to grow fruit tree that will ripen its fruit from October to November. It will give you a large crop of pears that can be stored for a long time, so that you have pears from your own garden right into the winter months. It is a crisp eating pear as well as an excellent choice for cooked desserts, baking and canning. Pears are among the easier fruit trees to grow and the Kieffer Pear is known for bearing fruit when young, so you won’t even have long to wait before you are harvesting your own pears right from your garden.

  • Beautiful glossy leaves and white flowers are ornamental
  • Bumper crops of delicious fresh pears
  • Hardy and disease-resistant tree
  • Top choice to grow in warm areas
  • Perfect fruit for desserts, baking and preserving

Plant the Kieffer Pear in a sunny location in ordinary well-drained garden soil. It will begin bearing in just a few years, and you will soon be picking bushels of fruit. This variety is very resistant to diseases, especially to fire-blight, the killer disease of pears, so your tree will be safe. It only requires a little simple pruning to grow this tree to perfection, and you won’t believe the quality and quantity of fruit you harvest. Surplus fruit can also be made into an excellent beverage called ‘Perry’.

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