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Zones 5-9
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Zones 5-9

Tiddlywinks Mountain Laurel

Kalmia latifolia var. myrtifolia ‘Tiddlywinks’

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Tiddlywinks Mountain Laurel

Kalmia latifolia var. myrtifolia ‘Tiddlywinks’

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Tolerates Acidic Soil

Botanical Name

Kalmia latifolia var. myrtifolia ‘Tiddlywinks’

Outdoor Growing zone


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Partial Sun

The Tiddlywinks Mountain Laurel is a beautiful neat mound of dense evergreen leaves, growing just 2½ feet tall, and spreading to 3 feet wide. The small leaves keep it very neat without trimming. In spring and summer it is decorated with full-sized deep pink flower buds, which open into large soft pink flowers, with conspicuous and attractive stamens in a star-shaped pattern. This plant is perfect for the front of beds, or as an edging. Grow it in woodlands alongside azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias. It is the perfect size for planter boxes and pots, especially if you don’t have acidic soil in your garden.

  • Compact and bushy evergreen shrub
  • Long flowering season
  • Bright pink buds open to soft pink flowers
  • Thrives in partial shade under trees
  • Perfect for planters and pots

The Tiddlywinks Mountain Laurel grows best in partial shade, with morning sun and afternoon shade. It will also grow in light full shade – beneath shade trees for example, or on the north side of a wall or building. The soil should be acidic, but moist and well-drained, with plenty of lime-free organic materials mixed in and used as mulch. This plant has few pests and diseases if the growing conditions are good, and it needs no trimming to stay neat and compact. Remove the flowers once they fade.

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