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Zones 5-11

Icecap™ Rose

Rosa 'Meiradena' (PP#26,790)

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Icecap™ Rose

Rosa 'Meiradena' (PP#26,790)

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Botanical Name

Rosa 'Meiradena' (PP#26,790)

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun

The Icecap Rose is a newly-released variety that is sure to become a great favorite, and be widely grown across the country. With pure white flowers that hold their purity of color even in hot weather, and with vigorous, disease-resistant growth, this rose is a winner. Every stem is topped with ten to twenty beautiful, cup-shaped double roses of a startling purity. A bush will bloom continuously from spring, through summer, and well into fall. In very warm areas it will still be blooming at Christmas. Each bush is a little less than 3 feet tall, and over 3 feet wide, making a dense mound of vigorous branches. The foliage is a glossy, rich deep-green, always free of the blemishes of disease, and acts as the perfect backdrop to a continuous display of stunning pure-white flowers.

  • Pure white flowers are produced continuously
  • Dramatic landscape rose, of top quality
  • Full rounded form, with rich green foliage
  • Resistant to the major rose diseases
  • Perfect garden rose for the dramatic white look

Plant your Icecap Rose in a sunny location. Use it as a specimen, planted in groups, or as a flowering border along a hedge, fence, path or driveway. Enrich the soil with organic material when you prepare the planting site, and follow a fertilizer program for the best results. Although established plants have some resistance to drought, roses grow best with regular watering during hot, dry weather. You can forget about your sprayer, as this bush has high resistance to all the common rose diseases. Prune in winter or early spring for best results.