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Zones 5-9
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Zones 5-9

Ice Dance Sedge

Carex morrowii ‘Ice Dance’

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Ice Dance Sedge

Carex morrowii ‘Ice Dance’

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Botanical Name

Carex morrowii ‘Ice Dance’

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height

Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun, Shade



Ice Dance Sedge is a beautiful, low-growing groundcover plant, similar to an ornamental grass. It has slender green leaves that are edged with a sparkling band of white, and it grows just 12 inches tall, spreading from clumps that gradually fill in between to form a continuous carpet of leaves. Flowering is insignificant. This plant is evergreen in warmer areas, dying back over winter in colder zones. It grows mostly in spring and fall, and it makes a beautiful carpet beneath your trees and shrubs, edging paths, beneath trees in woodland and in any shady location. It will even grow in full sun if the soil is moist.

  • Sparkling white-edges slender leaves
  • Forms clumps that develop into a continuous carpet
  • Grows well in full shade
  • Evergreen in warmer zones
  • Grows well in moist and wet soils

The Ice Dance Sedge grows in full sun to full shade, growing well in sunless areas where most plants fail. It is hardy but deciduous in zone 5, and evergreen in warmer zones. It grows best in moist, rich, acidic soils, but tolerates most garden soils with ease, if they are not too dry. Water regularly for the best results. Trim back in late winter – new leaves will soon grow up – and that is the only maintenance needed. Pests and diseases are normally never a problem, and deer ignore it.

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