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Zones 4-9
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Zones 4-9

Heritage Raspberry

Rubus idaeus var. strigosus ‘Heritage’

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Heritage Raspberry

Rubus idaeus var. strigosus ‘Heritage’

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Botanical Name

Rubus idaeus var. strigosus ‘Heritage’

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


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Sun needs

Full Sun

The Heritage Raspberry is a dual-season red raspberry variety that carries a good crop in July and an even heavier one in September. It begins to crop in the first year you plant it, producing delicious dark-red berries with the classic tangy sweetness everyone loves. Grow your own berries for eating fresh, baking or jam-making, and know exactly what your family is eating. It’s easy to grow your own food with a superb and disease-resistant variety like this one, so don’t wait, take the plunge and become a home fruit-grower. Grow it among your flowering shrubs, or in the vegetable garden.

  • Dual-season red raspberry with a heavy fall crop
  • Harvest berries in July and September
  • Vigorous, disease-resistant and easy to grow
  • Can be grown among shrubs or in a fruit garden
  • One simple summer pruning is all it takes for success

The Heritage Raspberry is reliable in zone 4, and grows across most of the country. It is resistant to disease and pests, if seen, are easy to control with non-toxic soap spray. After harvesting in July, cut down those canes to the ground – that’s all the work needed to keep this bush vigorous and highly-productive. It doesn’t need a second variety for pollination, and grows well in any well-drained soil, in a sunny spot.

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