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Zones 6-10
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Zones 6-10

Hardy Clumping Bamboo

Fargesia scabrida

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Hardy Clumping Bamboo

Fargesia scabrida

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Botanical Name

Fargesia scabrida

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun



The Scabrida Bamboo is a newer introduction that has taken bamboo lovers by storm. Not only is this one of the cold-hardiest, most attractive and graceful bamboos available, it is also one of the most colorful. The stems begin in shades of purple and light blue, and in cooler weather they show rich orange shades that will enchant you. Even mature stems are a beautiful rich olive green. This is a vigorous, rapid-growing bamboo, but it grows up, not out. It forms dense clumps, never invading the surrounding areas, so you can grow it even in smaller spaces, because this is a bamboo that will never take over. It will grow up to 3 feet a year, reaching 10 or 15 feet tall when mature – tall enough to make a wonderful dense privacy screen, or fill a corner with rustling beauty.

  • Graceful form ideal for specimens or screening
  • Tall stems in purple, blue, orange and green
  • Rapid growing, reliable and never invasive
  • Grows well in partial shade
  • Very hardy to minus 5 degrees

The Scabrida Bamboo will grow in full sun in cooler regions, or with just a few hours of morning sun in warmer places. It is hardy right through zone 6, so almost everyone can grow this remarkable plant. It will grow best in rich soil, so add plenty of organic material when planting, and water twice a week for the first year or two. Once established it is moderately drought-tolerant, and it has no significant pests or diseases. It will grow well in container too, so this is a bamboo for every occasion, that will never take over your garden. If you love the look of bamboos, but are afraid they spread too much, then this one is for you – beautiful, colorful, cold-hardy and non-invasive – the perfect bamboo for every garden.