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Zones 5-9
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Zones 5-9

Greenleaf American Holly

Ilex opaca ‘Greenleaf’

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Greenleaf American Holly

Ilex opaca ‘Greenleaf’

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Deer Resistant
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Tolerates Acidic Soil

Botanical Name

Ilex opaca ‘Greenleaf’

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Greenleaf Holly Tree is a classic. The timeless beauty of holly is exactly what you want to complete your garden, and to give you abundant berries and foliage for the holiday season. This selected form of the American holly is ideal for cooler regions in the east, but it also grows well right down into Florida and westward too. For any garden, almost anywhere, when you think ‘holly’, this is the tree you want. It grows into an upright pyramid of leathery, deep green leaves, and in fall and winter it is covered in a profuse crop of large, bright-red berries. Plant it as a specimen in a lawn, behind smaller shrubs, or create a spectacular screen or hedge by planting a row.

  • A classic holly bush forming a perfect pyramid
  • Beautiful deep green foliage
  • Abundant crop of large, bright-red berries all fall and winter
  • Easily grown in any garden
  • Ideal for specimens or hedges

Sun or partial shade is ideal for your Greenleaf Holly Tree. In warmer areas it appreciates some afternoon shade, and in colder regions some shelter from cold winter winds. It will grow in almost any soil that is well-drained, and although resistant to seasonal drought, it grows best in moister soils. It can easily be trimmed to keep it extra-neat or turned into a beautiful formal hedge of the richest green. Serous pests or diseases rarely bother it, and deer usually leave this tree alone, so you will find it very easy to grow and yet rewarding, with an abundant crop of berries for the holiday season.

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