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Zones 3-8
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Zones 3-8

Goldflame Spirea

Spirea x bumalda 'Goldflame'

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Goldflame Spirea

Spirea x bumalda 'Goldflame'

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Botanical Name

Spirea x bumalda 'Goldflame'

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Goldflame Spirea is one of the most colorful shrubs available, particularly in cold zones. Dome-shaped, it reaches 3 to 4 feet tall and wide, and the foliage color is ever-changing. The new growth in spring is fiery bronzy-red, quickly turning bright yellow. Then it cools down to yellow-green for summer, before bouncing back in fall with a kaleidoscope of gold, orange, and coppery-red. Use it around your garden to brighten up your beds in every seasons, and to create beautiful edgings that really finish them beautifully. Grow it in planters, among rocks, and on slopes and banks. Wherever you plant it you will love it.

  • Powerful changing foliage colors really stand out
  • Spring growth is bright red, turning yellow
  • Summer leaves are greenish-yellow, turning red and orange in fall
  • The ideal plant for easy-care color splashed around the garden
  • Tough, cold-resistant and reliable

Grow the Goldflame Spirea in full sun or light partial shade. It thrives in zone 3, yet this is also the most heat tolerant of all the Japanese Spirea varieties, growing well even in zone 8. It grows happily in any garden soil, except for places that are always wet and boggy. It has no pests or diseases, it tolerates urban conditions, and deer ignore it. A quick trim in late winter or early spring is all it takes to keep it neat and tidy. This super-easy shrub is a delight to see and a breeze to grow.

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