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Gift Card

Give the Gift that Keeps on Growing

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Gift Card

Give the Gift that Keeps on Growing

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Free shipping on orders over $199

Everyone loves to receive a gift. Giving one is such a wonderful feeling too – you have the chance to show a loved one or friend just how much you care. It may be a simple ‘thank you’ gift for a favor; a birthday present; a seasonal gift for a parent or family member; a new baby; or something else, like a wedding or new-home gift.

Trees and shrubs make superb gifts for every occasion, but sometimes it is hard to choose for someone else, and you want them to have the flexibility of personal choice. Perhaps you are giving a gift for a new home that hasn’t yet happened – such as at a wedding, so you cannot possibly know what plants will be needed. Now there is the Tree Center Gift Card, for the gift that keeps on growing and growing.

  • Instant delivery – no waiting
  • Available in denominations of $50, $100, $250 and $500
  • Let the recipient make the choice – no mistakes possible
  • The perfect way to mark a special occasion
  • The only gift that keeps on growing

At the Tree Center we have a stunning selection of Gift Trees, but heck, in the end every tree we carry makes the perfect gift for some situation. Making the choice for someone else is hard, and a wrong choice diminishes the value of the gift. So we decided to give you the chance to put choice into the hands of the receiver – with the Tree Center Gift Card. Now you don’t have to worry about the choice you have made – just give someone our Gift Card, and the choice is theirs.

All the receiver of your thoughtful gift needs to do is browse our extensive collection of trees, shrubs and other plants, and selected exactly what they want. Everyone is happy – you get to make the gift and they get to make the choice. The great thing about Gift Trees is they keep on growing, become more impressive with each passing year. They make great memorials for special events, like weddings and christenings – a living memory that grows and grows.