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Zones 4-8

Little Gem Norway Spruce

Picea abies ‘Little Gem’

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Little Gem Norway Spruce

Picea abies ‘Little Gem’

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Botanical Name

Picea abies ‘Little Gem’

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Full Sun

The Little Gem Norway Spruce is the perfect way to have those attractive spherical evergreen balls to highlight your garden, without having to be out clipping all the time. This tree grows naturally into a spherical ball that will be 2 feet tall and wide, and will be perfectly round, without any clipping needed. It is the ideal choice if you like trimmed, formal plants, but don’t have a lot of time to spend on your garden. Use it as a pair outside your door, or in a gravel bed with other hardy plants. It grows well in pots and it is always decorative. This is a tree that will grow in cold areas down to minus 30 degrees, and grow well in warm and hot regions too.

  • A perfect round ball without any clipping needed
  • Yellow-green new shoots in spring add a splash of color
  • Easily grown in any soil in a sunny location
  • Terrific accent plant 365 days a year
  • Hardy to minus 30 and drought resistant too

Plant this tree in any kind of soil and it will thrive. For the best and densest growth, plant it in full sun, although some shade in the middle of the day is good if you live in a very hot part of the country. It has no significant pests or diseases and grows in almost any soil that is not constantly wet. Wherever and however you use it, the Little Gem Norway Spruce is a great low-care addition to any garden.