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Zones 7-10
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Zones 7-10

Fuyu Japanese Persimmon Tree

Diospyros kaki 'Fuyu'

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Fuyu Japanese Persimmon Tree

Diospyros kaki 'Fuyu'

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Botanical Name

Diospyros kaki 'Fuyu'

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Fuyu Japanese Persimmon Tree is renowned for one very special thing. Unlike most other types of Japanese Persimmon, this one can be eaten when still firm, and it tastes delicious. If you love the flavor or persimmons, but don’t much like the very soft flesh of most types, you will simply adore eating this one, which is ready as soon as the fruit turns orange. It can be grown from zones 7 to 10, and it develops into a handsome tree over 20 feet tall and across. It has beautiful fall colorings of yellow, orange and red, and once the leaves fall the large orange fruits are revealed, making a beautiful show, hanging from the bare branches until you are ready to feast on them.

  • The best variety for eating while still firm
  • Top flavor of apricot and peach
  • Low tannin, so tastes good without complete ripening
  • Easily grown with minimal attention
  • Attractive fall colors of yellow, orange and red

Your Fuyu Persimmon Tree will grow easily in any well-drained garden soil. Plant it in full sun, although it can also be grown in light shade in hot areas. It is moderately drought resistant once established, and very easy to grow. It needs no special pruning, although it can be trimmed for size if needed. It is normally free of both pests and diseases, and it is moderately drought resistant too. With almost no care, you will be harvesting these outstanding fruits in just a few years.

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