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Zones 5-8
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Zones 5-8

Forest Flame Pieris

Pieris formosa x japonica 'Forest Flame'

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Forest Flame Pieris

Pieris formosa x japonica 'Forest Flame'

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Botanical Name

Pieris formosa x japonica 'Forest Flame'

Outdoor Growing zone


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Partial Sun

The Forest Flame Pieris is a stunning evergreen shrub that will grow to at least 6 feet tall and wide. It is more vigorous than other Pieris, and certainly the most desirable one if you haven’t grown these plants before. It has brilliant red spring leaves that turn pink, cream, pale chartreuse and then green as they mature – a real kaleidoscope of colors. The 6-inch hanging clusters of fragrant white flowers decorate the plant before the new leaves appear, making for a long and colorful spring season. This plant is ideal for shade gardens, beds under trees, beside paths in wooded areas, and anywhere its extraordinary beauty will be admired.

  • The most popular and easiest to grow of all Pieris
  • Stunning brilliant red spring foliage
  • Large clusters of hanging flowers in early spring
  • Perfect shrub for a shade garden or under trees
  • Less demanding for acid soil than rhododendrons

The Forest Flame Pieris grows best with some morning sun and afternoon shade, and it thrives in areas with cooler, damp summers and mild winters. The soil should be rich, moist, well-drained and acidic, although Pieris are less demanding for this than, for example, rhododendrons. It normally has no pests or diseases and it should not be pruned regularly. It can also be grown in a planter or pot, using potting soil and fertilizers for acid-loving plants.

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