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Zones 6-10
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Zones 6-10

Enduring Summer Red Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia hybrid 'PIILAG B5' (PP# 25,476)

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Enduring Summer Red Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia hybrid 'PIILAG B5' (PP# 25,476)

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Botanical Name

Lagerstroemia hybrid 'PIILAG B5' (PP# 25,476)

Outdoor Growing zone


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Full Sun



The Enduring Summer™ Red Crape Myrtle is a fabulous shrub, making a rounded mound up to 5 feet tall and wide. It’s perfect for filling those sunny, hot, and dry spots in your garden, and it blooms continuously from June to September. The trusses of flowers are large, with up to 150 blooms in each one, and the blossoms are bright scarlet-red, standing out across your garden. The new leaves are red in spring, and then rich, glossy green all summer. In fall they turn brilliant shades of orange-red, and the seed heads and patterned bark add winter interest.

  • Large heads of scarlet-red flowers from June to September
  • Bushy plant growing to just 5 feet tall and wide
  • Leaves are red in spring, green in summer and orange-red in fall
  • Thrives in hot, dry and sunny locations
  • Resistant to common diseases

The Enduring Summer™ Red Crape Myrtle is more cold-hardy than many other crape myrtles, and it grows well in zone 6. It thrives in full sun, on well-drained soil, and it is not discouraged by poor soil, urban conditions, compacted earth, and rock or sand. This variety is resistant to both powdery mildew and Cercospora leaf spot, and deer leave it alone. A simple late-winter pruning is all you need for it to be bushy and full of blooms all season long. An easy-care plant for difficult spots.