Ed Wood Full Moon Japanese Maple

Acer japonicum 'Ed Wood'

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Ed Wood Full Moon Japanese Maple

Acer japonicum 'Ed Wood'

1 Review

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About Me


The Ed Wood Full Moon Maple is a dramatic and unusual member of the large family of Japanese maples. It is renowned for its large leaves, which can be 6 inches wide and deep. Although they are divided in narrow fingers like the other Japanese maples, they are broader, and the overall effect is like an open fan – or the full moon. This variety is notable for its healthy, vigorous growth and dramatic palette of fall color. It welcomes the end of the growing season with a fireworks display of yellow, orange and red that is remarkable for it every-changing beauty. This tree can be used in an Asian-themed garden, or an ordinary garden too. It makes a lovely lawn specimen for a small garden, or it is beautiful planted in beds in a larger one. It will grow into an upright, rounded tree between 15 and 20 feet tall, and the same size across. You can also choose to prune it into a narrower shape, while still keeping its great beauty.

  • Dramatic large-leafed type of Japanese maple
  • Leaves resemble an open, pleated fan or a full moon
  • Forms an wide, upright tree to 20 feet tall and broad
  • Spectacular fall display of yellow, orange and red
  • Hardier than most other Japanese maples

Plant your Ed Wood Full Moon Maple in a sunny location in cooler zones, and provide more shade in warmer areas. Shade from the hot afternoon sun is ideal. Grow your tree in any well-drained garden soil, and use mulch to feed it and conserve moisture. This rapid-growing, vigorous tree will soon become a wonderful specimen, and if you take care to water it during very hot and dry weather, this is a very easy tree to grow – it has no significant pests or diseases and grows well in a wide range of conditions.

Plant Hardiness Zones 5-7
Mature Width 15-20
Mature Height 15-20
Sun Needs Full Sun, Partial Sun
Zones 5-7

Japanese maples are among the most beautiful small trees for the garden, and most are known for their small, often finely divided leaves. There are, however, other similar varieties of Maple Trees, and the Full Moon Maple is a tree that is popular in Japan, but less well known in America. The Ed Wood Full Moon Maple is a variety of this tree, known for its large leaves, which give it a different kind of beauty. It is also right at the top of the list for spectacular color, turning vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow in fall.

Growing Ed Wood Full Moon Japanese Maple Trees

Whether you are already an admirer of Japanese maples, or simply looking for a different small tree to grow in your garden, the Ed Wood Full Moon Maple is a wonderful tree to grow. This vigorously growing tree will reach a height of 15 to 20 feet, and be about the same size across. It has a broad rounded form, but it is upright growing, and it you can easily train it into a narrower form if you choose. You will be struck immediately by the large, beautiful leaves, which are up to 6 inches across. Divided into 9 to 11 narrow fingers, each with a fringed edge, the leaf looks like an open fan, or a relaxed hand. To the Japanese people it looks like the full moon, which is why it has that name.

During spring and summer, the foliage is a beautiful green, making a lovely small tree in the garden. In fall it explodes into spectacular fireworks of yellow, orange and red. No two years will be the same, and trees in different places will be different, all depending on local conditions. The combination of warmth and cool nights, the amount of rain, exposure to sunlight, how quickly the temperatures drop – all these factors determine the exact colors your tree will turn. You can be sure, though, that it will be a dynamic kaleidoscope of color that will thrill you and everyone who sees it.

Planting Location and Soil Conditions

Plant your Ed Wood Full Moon Maple in well-drained soil that does not become too dry. Use plenty of organic material during planting and as mulch each spring. This will conserve moisture as well as giving nutrients to your tree. Choose a location that is sunny if you live in cooler zones, and more shaded in hotter areas. An ideal location will be shaded from the hot, afternoon sun, but some sun gives the best development of fall colors.

History and Origins of the Ed Wood Full Moon Japanese Maple

The Full Moon Maple (Acer japonicum) grows naturally in the woods of Japan, Northern China and Korea. With its larger, rounded leaves, it has been admired for centuries for its beauty and grace – similar to, but also different from, regular Japanese Maples. The form ‘Ed Wood’ is known for the large size of the leaves – up to 6 inches across – and remarkable fall coloring. The renowned Oregon plantsman Ed Wood selected this special tree from among hundreds of seedlings, and it has become a favorite of aficionados of these lovely trees.

The Ed Wood Full Moon Maple grows into a broad upright tree, 15 to 20 feet tall and as much across, with several slender trunks, and smooth bark that will become rougher on very old trees. The new shoots have fine white hairs on them, as do the undersides of the leaves, and even the young seeds. This feature, and the larger, rounded leaves, distinguishes the tree from other Japanese maples. Nestling among the new growth you will see clusters of small red flowers. After the leaves fall your tree will be garlanded with pretty red seeds, like miniature versions of the maple keys that fall from larger maple trees.

Adding Ed Wood Full Moon Japanese Maple Trees to Your Property

This tree is an ideal choice for an Asian or Japanese-themed garden, as well as looking beautiful in any style of garden. It looks graceful and elegant growing under mature shade trees, perhaps with Azaleas and Rhododendrons. It looks perfect in a small garden standing in the lawn, to be admired by everyone. It can even be grown in a large planter or pot, so you don’t even need a garden at all to enjoy this beauty on your terrace or patio. In a planter it will stay smaller, but still develop into a beautiful tree.

The differences between the Full Moon Maple and regular Japanese Maple Trees are well known to collectors, and the Ed Wood Full Moon Maple is considered one of the very best of this type. It is not widely available, so we know that our stocks will not last long. Order now while you still have the opportunity to enjoy this Japanese treasure in your own garden.

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Ed Wood Full Moon Japanese Maple

Acer japonicum 'Ed Wood'

1 Review