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Zones 4-7

Crimson Doll™ Lilac

Syringa hybrid 'Grecrimdoll'

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Crimson Doll™ Lilac

Syringa hybrid 'Grecrimdoll'

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Tolerates Alkaline Soil

Botanical Name

Syringa hybrid 'Grecrimdoll'

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun

The Crimson Doll™ Lilac is a rounded deciduous shrub growing to 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide. It has attractive heart-shaped leaves and in spring it is smothered in huge clusters of colorful and fragrant blooms. The buds are rosy-red, opening to a bright reddish-pink, and becoming a bright and lighter pink as they mature. This wonderful bush is easy to grow and very cold-resistant, suitable for planting around your home, in garden beds, as a hedge, or in semi-natural areas.

  • Clusters of rosy-red buds open to reddish-pink flowers
  • Compact bush no more than 5 feet tall
  • Richly perfume drifts across your garden
  • Reliable and disease resistant in summer heat
  • Ideal shrub for colder zones

The Crimson Doll™ Lilac will grow best in full sun, but an hour or two of shade each day won’t be a problem. It blooms well in all the coldest parts of the country, and it handles hot summers very well. It grows strongly in any well-drained soil, including alkaline soils, clay, and rough urban ground. Pests or diseases are rarely a problem with this healthy and vigorous bush, and removing the finished bloom-heads is all the care needed.

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