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Zones 5-9
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Zones 5-9

Butterfly Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum 'Butterfly'

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Butterfly Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum 'Butterfly'

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Botanical Name

Acer palmatum 'Butterfly'

Outdoor Growing zone


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Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Butterfly Japanese Maple is a stunningly different kind of tree, with exquisite white margins on the leaves and a constantly changing spectacle of colors – pink, white, grey-green, scarlet and magenta – through the seasons. It grows into a perfect small tree 6 to 12 feet tall and it is hardy from zone 5 to zone 9. In cooler areas it will do well in sun, and in warmer places give it more shade, especially in the afternoon. Japanese maples are not hard to grow with just a little basic care, and they reward us many times over, with a grace and charm that no other tree has. This is the perfect small tree for a tiny garden and it can even be grown in a container – perhaps a beautiful oriental pot – for many years and enjoyed, even if you only have a terrace or patio.

  • Stunning white-edged leaves brighten shady spots
  • Constantly color shifts from pink, to scarlet and rich reds
  • Perfect small tree for today’s small gardens
  • Adapted for growing beneath larger trees
  • Trouble-free beauty that just gets better and better

The Butterfly Japanese Maple will grow in most garden soils, and established trees will tolerate a little drought in summer. It does not have any pests or diseases and requires no special care to bring its great beauty into your garden. It can be grown in a pot and also trained to be a unique bonsai tree. It will look beautiful in an Asian-themed garden, and also in a contemporary garden, fitting well into shadier spots along with rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias. Its constantly-changing beauty will amaze you and every day there will be something new to see, as this tree keep on improving and improving over the years.

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