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Zones 6-10
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Zones 6-10

Bellini Grape Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia indica 'Congrabel' (PP# 28,975)

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Bellini Grape Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia indica 'Congrabel' (PP# 28,975)

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Botanical Name

Lagerstroemia indica 'Congrabel' (PP# 28,975)

Outdoor Growing zone


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Full Sun

The Bellini® Grape Crape Myrtle is a break-through plant that makes continuous summer blooming a reality for even the smallest garden. You can easily tuck this bush into any sunny corner, because it only grows a little over 3 feet tall. It is perfect for mass planting, or edging beds, paths and driveways. It fills large planter boxes perfectly and its gorgeous rich purple blooms are simply wonderful. They come continuously from mid-summer all the way into fall, and you don’t even need to trim them if you don’t want to. The rich green foliage turns powerful reds and oranges in fall, to end the season on a high note.

  • Compact bush just 3 feet tall
  • Blooms from mid-summer right into fall
  • Beautiful blooms of rich grape purple
  • Thrives in hot and dry locations
  • Perfect for edging or mass-planting

Grow the Bellini® Grape Crape Myrtle in full sun, as shade will reduce blooming. It thrives in any well-drained soil, and poor soils, even sands and urban conditions, don’t bother it at all. It is very drought resistant, and tough and vigorous, despite its compact size. It is also resistant to powdery mildew, and pests don’t usually bother it at all. Deer leave it alone, and a simple spring pruning is all the care it needs to keep it blooming and blooming for months.