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Zones 5-9
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Zones 5-9

Baby Buttons Vine Maple

Acer circinatum Baby Buttons

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Baby Buttons Vine Maple

Acer circinatum Baby Buttons

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Special Features
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Dwarf Variety
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Fall Color

Botanical Name

Acer circinatum Baby Buttons

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun, Shade

The Baby Buttons Vine Maple is a delightful dwarf deciduous tree that grows into a rounded bush 2 feet tall and wide, gradually growing a little larger over time. The stems are covered in densely-clustered tiny rounded leaves, with the pointed lobes of a maple tree. Closely related to full-moon Japanese maples, but native to America, the parent tree is much larger in every way. The leaves are pink in spring and turn strong shades of yellows, oranges and red in fall. Grow it in a bed where it can be admired, in an Asian garden, in a pot, or as a marvelous bonsai tree.

  • Small, bushy tree just 2 feet tall and wide
  • Tiny leaves like baby hands cluster densely on the branches
  • Wonderful fall colors of yellows, oranges and reds
  • Perfect in a pot or as a bonsai
  • More cold-resistant and shade-tolerant than Japanese maples

The Baby Buttons Vine Maple will grow in full sun, partial shade and light, dappled full shade – it is more shade tolerant than Japanese maples. Plant it in well-drained soil that is moist and rich. Avoid excessive dryness during summer. Hardy in zone 5, it grows best in areas with summers that are not too hot and humid. Generally free of pests or diseases, it is easy to grow with a little attention. No trimming or pruning is needed.

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