Written by davethetreecenters • October 30 Trees in Containers – Perfect for the Smaller Garden. Part 2

When we started talking about growing trees in pots and planters, there was so much to say about choosing a container, soil, planting and pruning, that we never got around to looking at the kinds of trees that are suitable for this. So now we are going to do that – take a look at the kinds of trees that grow well in pots and planters, and that can be sustained for many years, growing more and more attractive as they mature.

Although many gardeners grow evergreens and bushes in containers, and create beautiful planters with balls of boxwood, or pyramids of yew or cedar, that is not the kind of trees we are thinking about here. Instead, we are looking at how to have plants that actually look like trees, with a trunk and branches, growing in a pot. Not so small that they would be seen as bonsai, but of a substantial size, making an attractive feature in the garden. This is especially useful for smaller gardens, and even more so if you have a courtyard or a terrace, where it is impossible to plant a tree, and where most trees would grow too large for the space. There is one other great thing about trees in pots. If you move to a new house, you can take your tree with you – a completely portable garden.

What Trees Not to Grow in a Pot

Let’s start by thinking about what we don’t want, which will then leave us pretty wide open to choosing what we do. Here are so,e undesirable features in trees that would make them bad candidates for growing in pots or containers.

Suitable Trees for Growing in Pots and Planters

Let’s now take a look at some trees that are top choices for pot and container growing.

Whatever trees you choose, prune early to develop an attractive, scar-free trunk, and do some summer trimming to build a mature, rounded crown. Your tree in a pot or planter will be a joy all year, and it takes a whole lot less work than you imagined.