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Southern Pecan Tree

Carya illinoinensis

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Southern Pecan Tree

Carya illinoinensis

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Botanical Name

Carya illinoinensis

Outdoor Growing zone

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Sun needs

Full Sun

The Southern Pecan Tree is America’s only native nut tree, and it has been loved for centuries. The delicious pecan nut is also very healthy to eat, and it takes no effort to produce them – simply plant the tree. Within a few years you will be harvesting your first nuts, which fall to the ground when ripe – you just need to pick them up. This is a large, handsome shade tree that will look beautiful in any landscape, and the leaves turn deep yellow in fall. It will in time grow to 75 feet tall or more, and be 40 feet across, so, when choosing a location for planting, allow enough room for it to mature. This tree will grow in zone 5, but it crops best in zones 6 to 9, as a long summer and fall are needed to ripen the nuts, which will be ready in October.

  • Harvest your own top-quality pecan nuts
  • Handsome shade tree for a larger garden
  • Fast-growing, and nuts are produced on young trees
  • Easy to harvest – nuts fall to the ground when ready
  • Store for up to a year – nothing is wasted

Plant the Southern Pecan Tree in moist, well-drained soil. It is suitable for planting near water, such as a stream or lake, but not directly into wet soil. It will grow in ordinary garden soil, but it is not suitable for thin, sandy soil that is often dry. This tree has no significant pests or diseases, and even young trees produce nuts. The nuts are easy to store for long periods, in the shell, either in the freezer or, after drying, in a cupboard.

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