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Zones 8-11

Minneola Tangelo Tree

Citrus x tangelo ‘Minneola’

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Minneola Tangelo Tree

Citrus x tangelo ‘Minneola’

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Botanical Name

Citrus x tangelo ‘Minneola’

Outdoor Growing zone


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Full Sun

The Minneola Tree is an amazing and very special citrus fruit that is almost as large as a grapefruit, yet as sweet and easy to peel as a tangerine. This is because those two fruits were crossed together to make this fabulous and special fruit that is delicious to eat, with hardy any seeds and makes great juice too. Why spend time in your garden growing fruits you can buy at any store, when you can put your work into a unique and special fruit that is almost never available in stores. Give your family and friends something special and grow this beautiful tree in your garden if you live in a warm area, or in a pot anywhere in the country. It is more frost-hardy than many other citrus trees and is just as easy to grow. It will also grow on limestone soils that other citrus will not do well in.

  • Super-juicy delicious fruit with sweet/tart flavor
  • One of the hardier types of citrus trees
  • Fragrant white blossoms in spring
  • Grow in a pot with some winter protection
  • Harvest during the Christmas holiday season

Choose a sunny spot to grow your Minneola outdoors – in the ground or in a pot. Outdoors, plant in well-drained soil, but the exact soil-type is not important. This tree needs no fancy pruning, and it has no serious pests or diseases to worry about. Just plant it and start picking. Plants in pots will stay smaller, but they will still carry full-sized fruit. Bring potted plants indoors to a cool, brightly-lit place for the time when night temperatures are below 40-45 degrees.

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