Written by davethetreecenters • November 03 How To Grow A Blue Spruce Tree From A Seed

Growing trees from seed is not difficult, and the pleasure of seeing – in just a few years – that thriving young tree that you brought to life, is a great joy, for adults and for children. Teach your kids patience and delayed gratification while developing their nurturing skills. Every towering spruce tree came from a tiny seed just like the ones you are holding in your hand, so let’s bring about that miracle of nature.

What You Will Need

What You are Going to Do, and Why

Like many tree seeds, Blue Spruce seeds need a period at low temperatures to allow them to sprout. This is to protect them from sprouting in the fall, when they would then be killed by the winter cold. The seeds must be moist to do this. For small numbers it is easiest to do this by sowing them, and then chilling them in the pots. After that they need warmth and light to germinate, which may take several weeks. The soil must remain moist, but not wet, at all times. The young seedlings should be left outdoors through their first winter and placed in larger pots the next spring. Enjoy watching your babies grow!

15 Easy Steps to growing A Blue Spruce Tree