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Zones 7-9
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Zones 7-9

Double Mint Gardenia

Gardenia jasminoides ‘Double Mint' (PP# 23,507)

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Double Mint Gardenia

Gardenia jasminoides ‘Double Mint' (PP# 23,507)

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The Double Mint Gardenia is a rounded evergreen shrub growing to 3 feet tall and wide. It has glossy dark-green foliage that stays that way even through the winter months, and large double white flowers that appear all spring and again in the fall. They have the delicious fragrance of top perfumes, and this attractive bush is perfect for all your garden beds. In the warmest zones it can be grown in pots and planters all year round.

  • Large fully double pure-white blooms
  • Wonderful warm and exotic fragrance
  • Blooms in spring and again in fall
  • Foliage stays green through winter months
  • Good cold tolerance in zone 7

Fully cold-resistant in zone 7, the Double Mint Gardenia grows best with morning sun and afternoon shade. The best soil is always moist, but well-drained, and acidic, and rich with organic material. Mulch in spring to conserve moisture and keep evenly damp, without flooding or dryness. Trim if needed immediately after the spring blooming, and not later in the year. Healthy plants that are fed, watered and in good soil are unlikely to be affected by pests or diseases, and deer don’t normally it this plant.

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