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Zones 9-10
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Zones 9-10

Cast Iron Plant

Aspidistra elatior

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Cast Iron Plant

Aspidistra elatior

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Botanical Name

Aspidistra elatior

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


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Sun needs

Partial Sun, Shade

The Cast Iron Plant really lives up to its name, thriving on neglect, and keeping going long after other plants give up. This is the ideal houseplant for dark rooms and dark corners, since it grows in very low light levels. It also tolerates low humidity without the leaf tips browning, or the foliage spotting. It will survive in cold rooms as well as in hot ones, and if you forget to water it, it will probably thank you, since it hates being wet, and is happy with just the occasional watering. If you can never keep houseplants alive, try this one, which is very hard to kill. In warmer areas, use it outdoors in deep shade, and in dry, difficult areas where nothing else will grow. It is a great container plant, indoors or out, and a way to bring green to the toughest places.

  • Toughest houseplant there is
  • Bold green leaves 2 feet long
  • Tolerates very low light conditions
  • Tough ground-cover in zones 9 and 10
  • Very drought tolerant, indoors or outdoors

The Cast Iron Plant grows in partial or full shade. It does not like full sun, or even much direct sun at all, as this will yellow and bleach the leaves. It can stand cold temperatures down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, so it grows all year round in zone 9, and for much of the year in zones 7 and 8. When the forecast is for colder conditions, just move the pots into a shed or cold garage until things warm up a little. If dry they don’t even need light for a few weeks. Plant in well-drained soil or use a fast-draining potting soil. Only water when the soil is dry, as this plant will tolerate plenty of drought too.