Plant Care

How can I prepare for my order?

It never hurts to have your holes dug and soil set aside so you can get them in the ground when they arrive. 

If you haven’t already done so, take a few minutes to choose where you plant your new tree. Check the description for your tree to find out what its particular needs are for sun, drainage, clearance from buildings, and wind protection.

Your tree is going to be in its new home for a long time, so it is worth spending a little time digging over the planting area and removing weeds and large stones bigger than your clenched fist.

Your planting hole should be at least twice the width of the pot your tree is in and three times the width is even better. Dig your hole the same depth as the container your tree will arrive in and put the soil to the side. Click here to check the dimension of the containers.

One of our super-simple planting guides is sent home with each order! While you do have some time after receiving your trees, we always recommend planting as soon as possible. Click here to learn more about how to plant your tree!

How should I plant my tree?

After you have opened its box and unwrapped the tree completely, place it in a shady spot and water it really well the night before planting. When you are ready to plant carefully slide the tree out of its pot.

If your tree is still dormant and has no leaves at all, shake off some of the soil so that the roots are spread out instead of tightly wrapped around the root-ball. If your tree is a deciduous type of tree and has leaves left on it, take a sharp knife and cut one inch deep at three or four spots around the root-ball, from top to bottom. If your tree is an evergreen needle-tree (a conifer) the roots are finer and should not be disturbed. Palms and other exotic trees should also not be disturbed when planting.

Place your tree in the center of the hole so that it will be in the same depth as it was in the pot. The soil underneath the tree should be firmed down and not soft or your tree will sink after planting. Put about two-thirds of the soil back around the roots, pressing it down gently so you don’t leave any air-spaces. Then, fill the hole to the top with water and let all the water drain away and now replace the rest of the soil. Don’t pile any extra around the trunk – keep the top of the root-ball less than one inch below the final soil level.

To learn more about how you should perfectly plant your specimen, check out our planting guides here: https://www.thetreecenter.com/guides/

Help, my tree is getting sick!

Our Arrive & Thrive Guarantee™ is valid for 30 days from the time of delivery and protects your plant even if it arrived in good health but fell ill within this time period. Any issues after 30 days are only eligible for resolution if a warranty has been purchased.

Our 1-year warranty offers the same protection as our Arrive & Thrive Guarantee™ but is valid for 365 days after your order has been delivered! The warranty is valid provided that your ordered product has been planted in the ground within 30 days of delivery. Trees that fall ill or die but have not been planted in the ground within 30 days are not covered under warranty. Plants that are kept in planters or raised planting beds are not covered under warranty. Upon review by a member of our customer service team, plants that are sold as houseplants by The Tree Center are covered under warranty even if they are kept inside in a container or pot past the first 30 days of ownership. This decision is at the discretion of The Tree Center.

If you believe your tree(s) qualify for a replacement under either our Arrive & Thrive Guarantee™ or your 1-year warranty, simply submit a ticket to one of our team members through our website, including photos of all the trees that you are submitting a claim for. If you believe your plant is starting to get sick or is sick, you may also reach out for support and a member of our awesome customer support team and one of our Plant Care Specialists will be happy to assist you!

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