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What is Affirm?

Affirm is a third-party financial loan provider with no late fees or compounding interest—just a more responsible way to say yes to the things you love.

When you’re trying to save for the future or meet financial goals, it can seem smarter to put off those bigger purchases. But sometimes, waiting can mean months, or years…or never. As many of us learned the hard way, late fees, compounding interest, and penalties make it way too easy to spiral into debt—this is how credit card companies make money.

Affirm is a better way to pay, one specifically designed to help you say yes to the things you want while keeping you out of unhealthy debt.

In order to use Affirm, you’ll first need to fill your cart. Shop your favorite trees and plants and then select Affirm at checkout. Enter a few pieces of information for a real-time decision. This eligibility check won’t affect your credit score. This decision is at the discretion of Affirm, which is a third-party service; The Tree Center has no control or direct information regarding decisions made by Affirm.

To learn more, please visit the Affirm website.

How do I apply a code towards my order?

If you have an eligible coupon code or gift certificate, simply create your order by adding items to your cart and proceed to checkout. You will then notice a box above your order subtotal that allows you to enter a code. This can be a promotional code, a store-credit code, or a gift card code. 

Enter your code and click the arrow to apply. Your order will be automatically updated at this time. If your code is not working, please double-check to ensure that your code is typed correctly and that there are no spaces in the code inputted. Your code should be entered exactly as it is displayed to you.

If you forgot to submit a promotional code or a store-credit code when placing your order, please, submit a ticket and a member of our awesome support team will be able to retroactively apply it for you!

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Can I combine two codes?

Currently, only one code type may be applied per order. This code can either be a promotional code advertised by The Tree Center, a store-credit code that was given towards a replacement, or a gift card code that was purchased through The Tree Center website. Please note that store-credit may not be combined with any additional discounts or promotions but we will accommodate multiple store-credit codes in one order, if applicable.

Whether a customer paid full price at the time of their order or they utilized a discount, they will receive a store-credit code worth the full retail value of the products approved under their claim. Any further additional discount is not required in order to recover the full costs of goods being replaced under a claim. This store-credit is intended to be used towards an order replacing what perished from your order; however, you are free to use this gift card towards any future purchase with The Tree Center. Using a replacement code towards a different product or products does not justify the combination of store-credit with an active discount promotion. The intention is to replace the full value of what was lost with products of equal or lesser value, not items of equal or lesser value after further discounts are applied.

If you would like to combine and use a store-bought gift card with a promotional discount, we ask that you place your order using your gift card code, first. Afterward, submit a ticket to our awesome customer team and we will be more than happy to retroactively apply the promotion to your order.

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