Item warranty

What is the difference between the Arrive & Thrive Guarantee™ and the 1 year warranty?

Both provide the same coverage. The only difference being that our Arrive & Thrive Guarantee™ is valid during the first 30 days after your order has been delivered, and our 1 year warranty is valid for 365 days after your order has been delivered!

What qualifies an order to be replaced under a warranty?

The warranty is valid provided that your ordered product has been planted within 30 days of delivery. Plants that die but have not been planted within 30 days are not covered, even with a paid warranty. Plants that are kept in planters or pots are not covered by the warranty. Warranties are non-refundable.

What do I need to process my warranty claim?

If you believe your tree(s) qualify for a warranty claim, simply submit a ticket to one of our team members through our website, including photos of all of the trees that you are submitting a warranty claim for.

What happens if my warranty claim is accepted?

 After your claim has been accepted, a member of our team will contact you to let you know that your claim has been approved, and provide a store-credit code to you worth the full value of your tree(s) that qualified for a warranty replacement. Placing a replacement order is left to the customer as our customer service team members are unable to apply a customer’s credit code for them. Please note that a shipping charge is incurred for replacement plants. This amount is charged per plant at the discretion of The Tree Center.

I bought a houseplant and kept it inside for the past 30 days. Am I still covered?

Upon review by a member of our customer service team, plants that are sold as houseplants by The Tree Center are covered under warranty even if they are kept inside in a container or pot past the first 30 days of ownership. This decision is at the discretion of The Tree Center.

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