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Zones 6-9
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Zones 6-9

Olive Martini Silverberry

Elaeagnus x ebbengii ‘Viveleg’ (PP# 20,177)

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Olive Martini Silverberry

Elaeagnus x ebbengii ‘Viveleg’ (PP# 20,177)

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Botanical Name

Elaeagnus x ebbengii ‘Viveleg’ (PP# 20,177)

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


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Sun needs

Full Sun

The Olive Martini™ Silverberry is a large evergreen shrub growing to 10 or 15 feet tall and wide. It has dark olive green leaves with an irregular edge of golden yellow. The spring growth is more silvery, and fragrant flowers are produced in late fall and winter. Very resistant to salt-spray and bad weather it is ideal for seaside locations and for shelter and screening on any tough site. Useful for hedges and filling large spaces.

  • Bold gold-edged leaves of dark olive green
  • Silvery new leaves in spring
  • vigorous bushy growth easily clipped
  • Highly resistant to salt spray
  • drought hardy and weather-proof

Full sun is best for the Olive Martini™ Silverberry, which will grow in all well-drained soils and it is very resistant to drought once it is well-established. It has no significant pests or diseases and it can be trimmed at almost any time, with spring and fall the best seasons.

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