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Zones 6-10
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Zones 6-10

Navaho Thornless Blackberry Bush

Rubus hybrid 'Navaho' (PP# 6679)

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Navaho Thornless Blackberry Bush

Rubus hybrid 'Navaho' (PP# 6679)

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Botanical Name

Rubus hybrid 'Navaho' (PP# 6679)

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Navaho Thornless Blackberry is a top-pick berry bush that produces the sweetest of all blackberries, on a bush that is easy to pick from, without the nasty thorns of older varieties. This is a later ripening variety, that extends the season all the way into August. It grows well even in the hottest zones, extending berry growing right into Florida. It has compact, upright growth that needs no support system, so it can be grown anywhere in the garden, even right in with your ornamental shrubs. Blackberries are one of the easiest berries to grow, and they only need a simple pruning once a year. Easy to grow, easy to pick, and wonderfully sweet – the perfect blackberry bush.

  • Big crop of super-sweet berries
  • Late ripening into August – extends the season
  • Thornless bushes make picking fun
  • Compact 5-foot plants need no support system
  • Grows well even in the hottest areas

Grow the Navaho Thornless Blackberry in full sun or partial shade, in almost any kind of soil. It is small enough to grow in a large pot or box, so you don’t even need a garden. This is a top-choice variety for hotter zones, as it thrives in hot weather all the way into zone 10. This variety is also resistant to all the important diseases, and it has no significant pests. All it takes is a simple annual pruning to keep your bushes vigorous and bearing a heavy crop for years and years.

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