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Zones 5-9
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Zones 5-9

Uptick™ Gold and Bronze Coreopsis

Coreopsis hybrid ‘Baluptgonz’ (PP# 28,882)

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Uptick™ Gold and Bronze Coreopsis

Coreopsis hybrid ‘Baluptgonz’ (PP# 28,882)

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A new hybrid coreopsis, the Uptick Gold and Bronze Coreopsis has been winning awards around the world, and no wonder. Sporting extra-large flowers that are golden yellow with a red-brown center, it blooms continuously from spring to fall, making a fabulous display. It is tough, reliable, and drought-resistant too, and a wonderful, compact plant. Use it to edge your beds, brighten rock gardens and dry places, and even to produce a continuous supply of cut flowers for small vases in your home. It grows hardly more than a foot tall, making it ideal for smaller gardens, and it brings color for so long. Grow it in planter boxes and window boxes too, they way you would marigolds, with the added advantage of coming back year after year.

  • Large golden daisies with red-brown centers
  • Compact and light, for smaller spaces and in planters
  • Good drought tolerance for sunny places
  • A garden hybrid made from native plants
  • Very easy to grow and free of pests, deer or rabbits

Plant the Uptick Gold and Bronze Coreopsis in full sun, or with some afternoon shade in the hottest zones. It grows to perfection in any well-drained soil, preferring some moisture and a richer soil, but drought tolerance once established. Can be overwintered in containers from zone 7. Untroubled by pests or diseases, and like all coreopsis it isn’t eaten by deer or rabbits. If it shows signs of reduced flowering, trim it lightly to remove spent blooms and seed heads. It will soon come bouncing back with more blooms. In late fall, trim close to the ground. Spreads slowly sideways, but never invasive.

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