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Zones 5-9
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Zones 5-9

Everlasting Revolution Hydrangea

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Hokomarevo' (PP# 22,260)

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Everlasting Revolution Hydrangea

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Hokomarevo' (PP# 22,260)

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Botanical Name

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Hokomarevo' (PP# 22,260)

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Everlasting® Revolution Hydrangea is a remarkable repeat-flowering hydrangea, that is in bloom continuously from May to September. It blooms on both old and new shoots, and it forms a compact plant no more than 2 feet tall and wide. Ideal for mass planting, small gardens, and container growing, it carries large, mop-head flowers that begin pink and then transform into a kaleidoscope of colors, from true blue to amethyst purple, dark pink and even pale green. These changes keep the blooms endlessly fascinating, and they last for months.

  • Develops multiple colors as blooms mature
  • Blooms on both old and new stems
  • Pink, cerise, amethyst, true blue and green are all possible
  • Compact bush ideal for planter boxes and pots
  • Easy to grow in ordinary garden conditions

Morning sun and afternoon shade are the ideal conditions for the Everlasting® Revolution Hydrangea, and light full-shade, or full sun in moist soil, are also acceptable. Rich, moist but well-drained soil gives the best results, and fertilizer blended for hydrangeas or flowering shrubs is a valuable maintenance tool. Detailed pruning is not needed, and it is not advised – just remove any dead or weak branches and its done.