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Zones 5-9

Coral Red Dogwood Tree

Cornus florida 'Coral Red'

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Coral Red Dogwood Tree

Cornus florida 'Coral Red'

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Botanical Name

Cornus florida 'Coral Red'

Outdoor Growing zone


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Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Cora Flowering Dogwood Tree puts on a magnificent spring display of coral-red blooms all along its bare branches. These are followed by attractive heart-shaped leaves that turn deep red and scarlet in fall. This vigorous tree soon becomes a broad, spreading specimen passing 20 feet tall and wide. It is perfect for a featured tree on your lawn, or at the back of your garden beds. Plant an avenue along a driveway or add it to the margins of woodlands. This beautiful tree is coveted by all gardeners who love the unique and exceptional in their gardens.

  • Unique coral-red spring blooms before the leaves
  • Spectacular fall display of dark reds and scarlets
  • A spring-blooming tree like no other
  • Broad-crowned tree with layered branching
  • Vigorous and fast-growing

The Coral Flowering Dogwood Tree grows best in full sun, or with some afternoon shade. It grows in most soils, preferring rich, moist, slightly acidic ones that are well-drained. Although moderately drought tolerant it prefers to be watered regularly, and it needs no special care to soon become a beautiful garden tree. If grown with good light and regular water, it will normally remain disease free. Pests are normally not a problem, but avoid using string-trimmers around the base, which can encourage borers.