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Blue Wonder Catmint

Nepeta racemosa ‘Blue Wonder’

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Blue Wonder Catmint

Nepeta racemosa ‘Blue Wonder’

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Blue Wonder Catmint is a beautiful mounding perennial, rising just a foot or so tall, and spreading a little more. Smaller than most catmints, it is great for low edging and smaller spaces. The gray-green leaves make a fabulous foliage contrast with shrubs and other perennials, and the vibrant, dark violet-blue flowers look stunning, and last from last spring into fall. Both the leaves and the flowers blend perfectly with every other garden color, and help to tie together your beds, giving a unified look. Let it spill out of a bed onto a path or terrace, plant it on slopes and in rocky places, and anywhere that is hot, sunny and dry. It is also great in containers, and ideal for any low-water, xeric garden.

  • Fabulous low mound of gray-green foliage
  • Striking dark violet-blue clusters of blooms
  • In flower from spring to fall
  • Grows well in hot and dry places
  • Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds

Plant your Blue Wonder Catmint in full sun, in any well-drained soil, including rocky and dry soils. It is resistant to pollution and poor soil, as well as salt-spray. Pests, diseases, rabbits and deer don’t normally bother it, and it grows vigorously anywhere. Simply cut it to the ground in late fall, and it will be back next year. Trimming after the first crop of flowers will encourage lots more.

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