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Spectacular Trees for Fall

Although summer is still going strong, it is not too soon to start thinking about the coming seasons – the wise gardener plans ahead! So with fall rapidly approaching this is a great…

Growing Peach Trees

Peaches are everyone’s favorite fruit, so imagine the pleasure of bringing your own harvest into your home, to share with your family and friends, to eat fresh, bake in pies or preserve. One…

Native Shade Tree

Native Trees For Natural Shade

The issue of so-called alien plant species invading natural woodlands from our gardens has had a lot of publicity in the last few years. There are concerns that common garden trees originating from…

Trees For Shade

Trees to Grow in Shady Places

“What are some suitable trees for the shady parts of my garden?” is probably the most common question asked us here at the Tree Center. Almost every garden has some shady spots and…