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Zones 5-8
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Zones 5-8

Au Rosa Plum Tree

Prunus hybrid ‘AU-Rosa'

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Au Rosa Plum Tree

Prunus hybrid ‘AU-Rosa'

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Special Features
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Tolerates Alkaline Soil

Botanical Name

Prunus hybrid ‘AU-Rosa'

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun

The Au Rosa Plum Tree is a major breakthrough in disease resistance in plum trees. It was created by Auburn University, and showed complete resistance to all important plum diseases. As well it produces heavy crops of plums almost as soon as you plant it, and these are wonderful, tasty plums – big and juicy with red skin and yellow flesh. This tree has white flowers and dark green leaves and grows to about 15 feet tall, with harvest of 50 pounds within a few years, rising to 100 pounds in maturity. It is fully self-fertile, so it’s ideal if you only have room for one tree.

  • Big, juicy plums with red skin and yellow flesh
  • Ready for harvest by late June
  • Self-fertile, fruiting well without a partner
  • Big yields even on very young trees
  • Fully resistant to every significant plum disease

Grow your Au Rosa Plum Tree in full sun, and plant it in any well-drained soil, including alkaline soils. Avoid heavy, wet soil and this tree will thrive. Completely disease resistant, pest problems are minimal and no special pruning is needed to produce a big crop of delicious plums right from your own garden. This fast-growing tree is a great way to have fruit from your garden without years of waiting and complex growing.

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